Small Off-Grid

Small Off Grid Panel and Kits

The Grape Solar small Off-Grid PV Kits can be custom engineered to match your unique goals.

  • Designed to match your specific power generation requirements
  • Configured to allow future expansion
  • Built to withstand rugged conditions
  • Light weight and portable

We can supply a wide variety of the following components:
Panels, charge controllers, inverters, batteries, mounting hardware and cables

Grape Solar small Off-Grid kits are ideal for:
RVs, Boats, Gates, Electric Fences, Remote cabins, Emergency backup, Disaster preparedness

Contact Grape Solar Technical Support to start designing your custom solar generator today.

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The following kits can be purchased from our featured retailers on the Store Locator page

Small Off Grid Kits

PV Modules (Panels)

PV Modules Panels

Customer Service

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